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I will be growing a wide variety of Veg this year - Potatoes tomatoes lettuce cabbages peas beans leeks squash cucumbers onions carrots shallots courgettes chillis peppers garlic herbs and I'll be trying to show my growing tips,guides,help and techniques for

everything I grow.

 I will be keeping a daily up to date diary of my progress, whenever I do anything I'll post it here, plus numerous veg and non-veg related videos.

I will usually be updating the diary on a weekly basis, so please click on the relevant month on the navigation bar to see my current progress,or click on the "Archive Months Years" link to see my previous growing efforts.

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Welcome to my weekly updated vegetable growing diary blog, plus some veg growing videos from my allotment in the Yorkshire Dales.

I will also be growing some Giant Exhibition Show Veg, Onions, Carrots etc, and this year I'm growing a Giant Marrow too,hoping to get one to 100 lbs.

  I also have a Youtube Channel with over 300 veg growing related videos, so feel free to have a look at that, Cheers.

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I will be putting together a pictorial diary of my Vegetable growing progress this coming season,including my annual attempt to grow some Giant Exhibition Show Onions plus other exhibition veg such as Carrots, Potatoes and Parsnips. I'm also growing some giant Marrows this year too, and maybe a Giant Pumpkin.