September 2014




September 15th.

Well, sorry for the delay of 3 weeks or so since the last update, but I've been very busy at work, and the last week has been solid Veg Shows.

So, I apologise for the following self indulgent Show reports.

The first show was my local one last Sunday.


I put a chilli plant in the any other pot plant section and managed a first.

Best local exhibit with the tray of 3 veg.


Got 1st and 2nd with the garlic which has been the best I've grown this year, these went on to bigger and better things later.

1st in the coloured spuds.


1st with the parsnips but I need to get more weight higher up, this would haunt me later at Harrogate.

The smaller of the 2 big marrows at 65 lb.

Happy with a first place with the Onions.


The winning 2 would be part of the 6 for Harrogate in the National Competition.



Got best veg in show with these 2 long carrots.

Best long carrots I've grown for 3 years since going back to using Medwyns seed.

They were a huge pair...ooh err missus ! if a little rough around the top after being on the bench for a day.

So all in all, the first show was a success with 11, 1st places,  and best veg in show.

Here's a quick video of the show.

Westmorland Horticultural Society Show.

The next evening it was staging time at the Westmorland Horticultural Show at Kendal.


Managed to win the 4 veg but again the parsnips are lacking weight.


Won the Top Tray but my stump carrots have been awful this year in the polytunnel, so had to resort to using some of the outside grown ones which were a bit skinny.


Won all the potato classes in a depleted field as one of the main exhibitors was missing this year, so a bit of a hollow victory,


Got a first for the cabbage which I don't usually show.

This is one of the Savoys I grew this year purely for eating, but they are a good show variety as well as being delicious.

So it was a bit of a crazy show for me, I entered 9 exhibits and won all 9, never done that before.

Best in show went to Jim Robinsons amazing Shallots which have won every major show in the country including the National the previous weekend.

Met a few nice folk who follow my blog and congrats to Mike and his wife for their results and their kind words in the newspaper article.

                                                              Harrogate Show. 

Onto Harrogate Autumn Flower Show next on Thursday for staging.

Then back up again on Friday in the awful traffic chaos to see how we got on.

First of all may I thank the huge amount of people who look at my blog for introducing themselves and congratulating me at Harrogate.

I didn't know so many folk looked at this drivel...


There was a wonderful set of entries in the chilli plant class, and I was over the moon with a 2nd place for mine, the big tall Joes Long back right.

It's been a great year for chillies with the sunshine hence the display.


Chuffed to get 1st and 3rd with the same garlic from my local show.

There has been a lot of rust around this year but luckily I wasn't affected until very late on.

Another class I just entered stuff in I just grow to eat was Turnips.

I got 3rd, I think mine were a bit big but still nice condition.

Now onto the serious competition...


I entered the National Carrot Championships which requires 3 long and 3 stump carrots.

My Long ones were good but the Stumps pitiful.


I finished in 9th place but actually had the 5th placed long ones after looking at all the points.

The Stumps let me down though.

There's always next year.


Likewise in the Tap root class where you need a long carrot, a stump and a parsnip.

Mine is on the left and the winner on the right.

Like I said before I need to get more weight to my parsnips.

The long one scored the same as the winner, the stump 1 points less but I dropped a massive 4 points for my skinny parsnip.

I need to move the parsnip growing area as it's now shadowed by trees, and this must be a major issue.


Onto the daft Giant Marrow class now.


I managed to get the 4th heaviest at 85.5 lbs which is my P.B.

Plenty of them had splits which at other shows would have been dq'd but it didn't seem to matter here.

Mine was the shortest of the lot but the widest by a mile, if I could have got it longer then who knows.

There's always next year.


So I'm happy I don't have to cart this hideous thing around any more !


And finally my best result of 6th place in the National Onion Championships for 6 Exhibition Onions.

These are about the best I've ever grown but the others were even better.

It's a ridiculously high standard but I'm over the moon at growing these in my little unheated polytunnel with no running water or electric.

If you do your best with what you have, and are happy with what you achieve, you should be happy.

And I am !

Anyway that's it for my self indulgent show reports.

Here's a video of the Harrogate Veg Show.

Click below to play.




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