October 2014




October 1st.

October the first and a change in the weather is on the way.

It's certainly been an Indian Summer.


Still got a few lettuce growing outside and a few of the Savoy cabbages left.

The Sweet Peas are still flowering like crazy even this late on in the year.


The onion bed in the polytunnel has been planted out with some cabbages and lettuce.

Although I now have onion pink root disease in the soil it doesn't affect any other types of veg so they're good to go.


After a couple of years of pitiful show carrots outside I decided to move the whole set up away from the shade of the trees.

After emptying the 5 or 6 tonnes of sand out of the barrels and boxes I found that the tree roots had grown into the sand and this is why they've been so poor.

I flagged the area as it was full of tree roots and nothing would grow there anyway.

So now I have situated the outside show carrot and parsnip bit in a new position in full sun with no trees anywhere near.

Just need to finish the polycarbonate wind shelter around it.

I harvested a pot of the Sarpo Mira potates last week and got a great crop from just one pot.

Did a video of the harvest below.


The Kale and Turnips have been great this year and should continue well into Winter.


The Kale hasn't had a single caterpillar on it, which is strange as it's a brassica ??


My Musselburgh Leeks are ready to start pulling now.

Not massive but big enough, and considering their close spacing they've done well.

The chilli plants are all ripe now and the Basket of Fire ones in the middle are damn hot !


Now that all the shows are finished I have about 30+ 4lb onions to eat.

Even at this size they do store until about February so there will have to be some soup made.

I planted out the Over Wintering Onion sets last week.
They did well last year so I've grown the same varieties and if we have another mild Winter then hopefully there will be a nice crop in July, earlier than if Spring planted.

Did a video of the easy procedure below.



With Autumn now well and truly on the way there have been some cracking sunsets and light conditions in the evenings recently.

Anyway, I did a quick plot tour video tonight, video below, click to watch.


October 12th.

Not really much happening at the moment.


Started to harvest the Leeks.

The Winter Squashes have been a bit disappointing, loads setting and getting about golf ball size and then just going mouldy.

Still managed about 8 full sized ones.

The Savoy cabbages have been really good this year after my first time growing them so I'll be doing a lot more next year.


Got plenty of huge looking Parsnips to pull later, loads of Leeks and still tonnes of the Kale, so there should be plenty to go at over Winter.


Hacked open this years 2 big Marrows in search of seed for next year.

Did a video of the autopsy below.


I now admit I really cannot grow a big Pumpkin.

I think it may have been cross pollinated with a marrow judging by the freaky shape.


Here's next doors Horse with a smile on it's face.


I've been emptying the polytunnel and digging over the beds, raising them by another 4 inches on the left.

The cabbage and lettuce are growing away really well in the Onion beds so hopefully some cropping to come later.

I finally emptied out the remaining 7 pots of Sarpo Mira Potatoes and was amazed at the amount.

Did a video and weigh in of the crop, click below to play.

Feel free to ask a question or comment in the comments box below.






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