May 2014




May 4th.

Well, here we go again, another month and hopefully no more frosts.


Planted all my lettuce out on Saturday after Friday nights frost.

No more cold nights forecast for a while so things should grow away well.

The gutter sowed peas are growing away well now too.


I planted out 6 Greyhound cabbage, 6 Early mini Savoys and a row of Summer sprouting Broccoli too.

I replaced the cloche net with some finer 2-3 mm netting as the butterflies wete getting through the 10 mm stuff last year.

This will definitely keep the little sods out though.

Did a video of the planting process below, click to play.


The potatoes in pots in the polytunnel are racing along now.


They've even got a few flowers starting to form which is a sign that there are taters below.

I'll leave it another fortnight and empty one out to see what we've got.


Planted out the Kale, some under cover and some out in the open so we'll see if the there is a brassica massacre with the unprotected ones.

Planted out the module grown spring onions, which does seem strange, but I get much earlier and better ones this way rather than direct sowing in the soil.


Over on the Giant and Exhibition Onion front things are doing well so far.

The kelsaes are growing away steadily and the giants are getting quite big already.


I decided to plant out all my chillies and peppers in the greenhouse given the long range forecast of no frost for the next fortnight.

These are Prarie Fire, Apache and Joes Long Chillies and Posiedon Peppers.


Likewise my tomatoes were planted out.

7 in big 30 litre pots.

I'm growing Shirley, Gardeners Delight, Marmande, A Plum one and a sweet Cherry one.


I sowed all my frost tender veg like Cucumbers, Squash, Courgettes and French Beans last Sunday and this is what they're like just a week later.

Did a video of the sowing process, Click to play.


Finally, me and a mate have just started a new Youtube  Channel about our Metal Detecting antics around our area.

It's only a new venture and just started with a couple of videos, but if anyone's interested heres the link to the channel, Cheers, Dan.

      Detecting the Dales Metal Detecting

May 18th.

A bit of a belated update.

What a difference a bit of sunshine makes.


Finally, now that the weather has warmed up a bit things are starting to grow.


The first sowing of peas are flying along now so I decided to sow another short row in a bit of spare bed.

I did a quick video of how I erect the pea supports in minutes using chicken wire, canes and zip ties.

Click below to play.


The overwintered onion sets are really growing well and starting to bulb up a little, these should be ready a good 6 weeks earlier than the traditional Spring planted ones.


The container grown spuds are growing well now and I've been topping up the pots as the leaves grow.


The lettuce I planted outside got a little battered in the recent gales so I had to replace a few with some spares I had.

Planted the climbing French Beans "Cobra" in the polytunnel along with a few other spare lettuce for a quick crop.


The polytunnel potatoes have flowered so there should be some spuds underneath, I'll leave them a bit longer though so they're not too tiny.

Planted out the Courgettes and Squash too, they look small but they'll pick up quickly.


The giant onions and exhibition onions are doing well so far.


The biggest is pretty huge already.


The show carrots are growing well in the warmth of the tunnel.


The Show Parsnips are ok but nothing special outside in the barrels and the show spuds are just through.


So the polytunnel is fully planted now and is being shaded from the hot sunshine over the last few days.

Did a bit of a video of the whole plot a couple of days ago, click below to play.




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I've got a YouTube channel full of various vids here : AllotmentDiaryYoutube

And I've got myself a Facebook Page click the link if you're interested,Cheers.


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