March 2014




March 1st.

Well, depending on which way you judge it today is the first day of Spring.... apparently.

It seems like it's been Spring for the last 2 months with the lack of frost and constant rain.


One thing that's loving the mild weather is the early sprouting Broccoli.

I'm getting bags full of the stuff and loving it.


The main beds just haven't been broken down by the weather as there hasn't been a frost for months and it's still just wet unworkable heavy clods.

Did manage to knock a bit into shape and got my Garlic planted out today.

Did a video of the process below, click to play.



One thing that I'd have thought would be more advanced is my Rhubarb, but no, It's just starting to sprout.

Spuds still happily chitting away in the porch and a few nice green shoots emerging.

Planted a few Rocket spuds in pots last week to try to get a really early crop by growing them indoors.

Did another video, click to play.




Took the protective cloches off my overwintered onions, they look a bit straggly but they'll perk up a bit once it warms up.

Chillies are still growing painfully slowly on my windowsill at home.

Tomatoes will be planted today, just the same as ever, Shirley, Gardeners Delight and Marmande beefsteak ones.


One thing that's flying along are the show onions under the grow lights.

The show ones are 2 feet tall now and the giant ones getting on for 3 feet.

Still looking very good at the moment fingers crossed.

Started to prepare the Onion beds in the polytunnel with my new little electric tiller.

Seemed to work well.

Did a video below, click to play, Cheers.


March 10th.

Wow !!! Sunshine.

Decided to do a bit of soil preparation using my 3 pronged hand cultivator.


Although it's hard work it gets the job done slowly away.

I just go through the soil every few days and eventually it will become a fine tilth and I'll have a six pack.


The tomatoes I sowed last week are all up now and on my kitchen windowsill with a small 2ft fluorescent light above them to hopefully stop them getting too leggy.

Sowed the leeks and shallots too.

I would recommend anyone to try growing Banana Shallots from seed as they produce a huge bulb that stores for ages.

Did a bit of a video of me sowing them below.


So not much happening other than the tender plants growing indoors and a lot of hand cultivating going on.


So we're getting there slowly.

The giant onions and Exhibition ones will be planted out in the polytunnel either early April or late March weather depending.

Did a video of their growing progress so far below.

March 15th.

Not much happening this week.


Although I only grow eating shallots from seed these days, I still grow some of the Exhibition ones from bulbs called Hative de Nioort.

They cost me over 2 a piece originally and these are what I've stored from last years crop.

So at that ridiculous price I'm still going to grow them.


The purple sprouting broccoli is getting smaller now as the spears are taken but I'm still getting plenty to pick.

I'll definitely be growing this again later in the year, I think the variety was "Rudolph" ?

Managed to get the last of the compost mixed, this time 360+ litres fro my giant onions in pots.

Did a video of the tedious process and what I add below.



And finally, I nipped up to the plot one sunny lunch time to see the Frogs in my little pond mating and spawning.

Something I've never seen before so I had to film it, video below.


March 22nd.

Not much happening this week.

I did a quick round up video of all the progress so far and a bit of a look round the plot.

Click below to watch, Cheers.


Feel free to ask a question or comment in the comments box below.






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