June 2014




June 1st.

Well, flaming June is here.


With the weather warming up the Lettuce have flown along recently and some are almost ready to pick.

The Little Gem will be the first then the frilly Multigreen and finally the Iceberg will heart up last.

Sowed another 3 rows a fortnight ago for a successive crop.

The peas have flown along too and are about 2ft tall, they should be getting a few flowers on shortly.


The Mini Savoy cabbage and the Greyhound are growing steadily but not a sign of any caterpillar damage thanks to the new finer mesh on the cloches.

I planted out the Leeks last week.

Did a video of the way I do it below, click to play.


The Parsnips have survived the earlier slug damage and are now growing away well.


Likewise, the Kale is growing away well both inside and outside the butterfly protection.


The potatoes growing in big pots outside are now all topped up to the top and growing away really well.

I harvested the first new potatoes out of a pot in the polytunnel last week.

Did a video of the reveal, click below to play.


The overwintered onions are having mixed fortunes.


Some of the later planted ones are bulbing up now and no sign of any any bolting to seed.

However the earlier planted ones "Shakespeare" are smaller and also throwing out lots of seed heads which will render them pretty useless.

Also the Red onions which are usually prone to bolting are free from seed heads so far.


The Courgettes and squashes planted in the polytunnel are flying along in the heat and my show shallots are growing well having split into about 4 bulbs per plant.


Finally the Giant Onions are doing pretty well so far.

So maybe this year I might manage to grow a ten pounder.

I did a roundup video of the whole plot and greenhouse yesterday.

Click below to play, Cheers.

June 15th.

What a difference a fortnight makes.


The Lettuce are now being harvested, the first being the "Multigreen" which I'm really impressed with.

Second batch are growing on behind for a successional crop.


The potatoes and Peas have flown along and there are flowers on both.


Likewise the climbing French Beans, Courgettes and Squash.


The idiot proof perennial flowers are blooming now and look pretty nice.


And finally Mr Big is still growing well.

Did a plot tour video below, click to play.



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