July 2014




July 1st.

Well, the hot weather continues and things are growing amazingly well.


Harvesting stuff regularly now.


Harvested all the overwintered onions and the shallots, and these are now drying under my plastic cloches.

The red onions are still growing away well and will be pulled soon.


Garlic still growing well with no sign of rust, will hopefully pull this when the leaves yellow and whither maybe early August.

2nd lettuce growing now and I've sowed a 3rd batch to have a constant supply.


The first peas are just ready now but I've never had as good a crop as this.

These are the Hurst Greenshaft.


The potatoes in pots are doing well, I've harvested a few first earlies and tried a test pot of Anyas after just 90 days, did a video of the harvest below.


Courgettes are starting to crop now, so that'll be me sick of them in a few weeks no doubt.


The Cobra French Beans are now at the top of the canes and being trained across wires overhead.

The first few beans are just forming now.


Show onions are growing well and the big ones are getting bigger by the day.


The show carrots have plenty of top growth, so let's hope they're as big below when the shows start in September.


This year the tomatoes are doing really well with the sunny weather and the beefsteak varieties are getting quite big already.

The Shirleys are forming plenty of trusses too.


I've got loads of chillies already on the Basket of Fire variety so this is a really early maturing one.

Cucumbers are still forming but the leaves are starting to yellow a bit.


So all in all things couldn't be better, could do with some rain but will settle for more sunshine instead.

Did a bit of a plot tour video about a week ago below, click to play, cheers.

July 19th.

I've been too busy at work to take photos etc so had a quick dash around the plot, greenhouse and polytunnel with the video camera for the latest update.

Click below to play, cheers.



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