February 2014




Feb 1st.

Well, nothing to post for January and not much changed into February.

The weather's still rubbish, wet and no sign of Winter yet.


The plot's all dug over and horse muck added.

Still got plenty of Leeks, Turnips & Carrots growing as it's been so mild.

The lack of frost is worrying as I need this to break down the soil and kill off any lingering pests.


The Sweet Candle Carrots outside are still in perfect condition and about a foot long.
Definitely the best tasting, tender carrot out there and a show variety too.
The turnips I sowed in August just for a laugh with no thinning are a big success to and I'll be doing this again next year.

My Musselburgh Leeks aren't the biggest ever but who cares.


Over on the indoor giant and show onion growing, things are doing OK so far.

I did a video of their progress below, click to play.


I also got the Show Carrot growing media mixed.

Did a video of what I'm using this year below,click to play. 



One advantage of this mild Winter is that my Early Sprouting Broccoli is now ready really early and I've been harvesting loads of the stuff.

I think the variety was "Rudolph" a really vigorous and heavy cropper.


Finally in the Polytunnel I've dug all the beds over, added muck and now It's just a matter of tilling them in March and planting the Show onions out.

Anyway I did a quick video tour of the plot, click below to play.


Feb 8th.

Well, I finally harvested the remaining leeks and turnips from the plot and dug over the remaining soil in anticipation of some frosts to help break the soil down and kill off any nasties.

Don't think this is forecast so god knows when my soil will be in a fit state to start preparing for sowing this year.

Garlic needs planting at the end of this month but the soil is still just big sodden clods at the moment....


I did manage to get some seed potatoes this week and started to "Chit" them.

This year I'm growing Nicola, Rocket, King Edward, Anya, Golden Wonder ,Casablanca and Kestrel.

I did a video of the "Chitting" process, why, and how I do it below, Click to play.



Had a hunt around the local garden centres for this year's huge amount of compost.

I ended up buying B&Q own brand stuff in giant 125 litre bales, It's 58% peat and looks pretty good stuff, so that's what I'll be using this year.

Cheap at just 5.98 for 125 litres too.

Just need to buy another 1000 litres though.

Finally got my Chillies sowed this week too.

Did a video of the process and which ones I'm growing below.

Click to play, Cheers.

Feb 15th.

Wow !! what a week.

Never seen wind as strong as this before and was worried that my polytunnel might have been blown away.

I've not been up to see yet, but drove past and it looks OK from a distance.


So not much going on, the chillies I sowed last week are up but due to the constant miserable weather and low light they're not liking it much even inside on a windowsill.

Been stocking up on even more compost and it looks like I'm opening up a garden centre myself with the amount I've bought.


Over on this years Giant and Exhibition Onion growing things are still doing well.

I've now repotted my show ones for the final time into 1.5 litre pots.

So this is the final potting before they are planted out in the tunnel come early April.

Did a video update of them below, click to play.



Feel free to ask a question or comment in the comments box below.





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