2014 Exhibition Show Veg Growing .

Plus the giant Marrow growing attempt.



This year I'm going to put all the show veg in one section.

The Show Onion section is in another bit.

So this year I'm growing specifically for show:

Long and Stump Carrots,Shallots,Potatoes,Parsnips and French Beans,plus I'm going to attempt to grow a 100lb+ Marrow so that should be fun.



I'll be trying to beat last years Marrow weight of 67 pounds and try for a 100 pounder.



Jan 28th

Well,it all starts again here.

First job is to mix this years carrot growing compost.

This year I'm trying to get it exactly the same as last years, but as the fertilizer content has changed in the compost I use then a little bit of tinkering is required.

So this years ingredients are :

30 Litres of Levingtons F2+S Compost riddled through 5mm sieve.
5 oz powdered Calcified Seaweed
48g Superphosphates.

That's it, all well mixed in my cement mixer.

I did a video of the process below, click to play.

May 18th.

A very belated update.


The Sweet Candle Carrots and the long ones are growing away well in the polytunnel.


The parsnips in the barrels are a bit slow this year.

The show potatoes, Kestrel and Casablanca are just through.

July 1st.

A very late update.


Long carrots in the barrels growing well.


As too are the Sweet Candle stump carrots.


Parsnips tops are now 3 ft tall, hope they are big beneath.


Kelsae onions bulbing up well now.


And the heavyweight onions growing well too.



Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question below.

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