December 2013




December 1st.

Not much going on at the plot at the moment but my Giant Onions for next year are up and running.

 2 weeks after sowing the onion seedlings are ready to transplant into 3" pots.


They are now at what's known as the "crook" stage where the seedling is at a right angle.

This is ideal for transplanting as the roots haven't developed much so there won't be any disturbance.


I planted them into a mixture of Levingtons F2+S with some vermiculate and a bit of seaweed meal added.

These are now under my small growlight for 12 hours a day at a minimum of 50f and a max of hopefully 65F.

I did a video of the process below, Click to play.


December 26th.

Before I get to the later stuff here's a video of me on Christmas Eve harvesting some Carrots and Turnips for yesterdays Christmas Dinner....It wasn't fun.

Well, Boxing Day and a good excuse to get out of the house and burn a bit of the Christmas Dinner off.

Still just the onions growing at the moment but this is what I was up to.


The main onion bed in the polytunnel needed digging over and manuring.

This year I decided to double dig it and add some well rotted horse muck deep down in the bottom 2 feet of soil.


This is pretty hard work and takes a while but really improves the soil to a greater depth.

Simply take out a trench about a foot deep at the start of the bed and keep the soil separate, then add a good layer of muck into the bottom and fork into the lower foot of soil, then fill in the trench with the next row of soil and repeat the process the whole length of the bed.


Once you get to the end use the first row of soil dug to fill in the final trench.

 As well as being called "Double Digging", this is called "Bastard Trenching" for good reason !


So after the double digging I then added another layer of horse muck onto the surface and dug this into the top foot of soil.

After levelling it out I should have a good 2 feet of soil now well manured.

I'll give this a good watering, leave it until the start of March and then give it a good rotovating ready for planting in April.


I sowed the seed for the Onions that will be planted in this bed on December 18th and they've really germinated well and are almost ready to prick out into 3 inch pots.

These are the Exhibition Own strain Kelsae onions that I show and will hopefully get to around 4-5 lbs by mid August.

This is my own seed I harvested this year from the 2012 onions, so hopefully it should be good stuff.

About another 3-4 days when the seedlings start to straighten out is ideal for transplanting.


Over on the Giant onion front, the seedlings I planted out earlier have all taken well and some now have 4 leaves on and no problems as of yet.

That's about it at the moment.

Did a video of me sowing the Exhibition onions earlier, click below to play, Cheers.


Feel free to ask a question or comment in the comments box below.





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