August 2014




August 1st.

Well, into August and the weather seems to be finally turning.


The lettuce have been the best ever this year with the warm weather and the 3rd sowings are coming along well.

Still growing the same 3 varieties, Little Gem, Webbs Wondorful and Multigreen 3.


The tomatoes are about the best I've ever grown this year with the heat.

The Shirley variety are huge and now starting to ripen.

I cut all the leaves off the plant below each fully formed truss to let the air & light in and put more energy into the fruit.


The Turnips I planted where the shallots were harvested a few weeks ago are flying along and the Musselburgh Leeks are starting to bulk up a bit now.

These will all be ready in Autumn.


The Cabbage have done well despite lack of water and I've harvested some cracking Greyhound ones .

These are the Savoys which are growing well and starting to heart up.

The Banana shallots from seed are huge and still growing, so I should have a glut of these later in the month.


The Garlic is still growing away strongly and should be ready to harvest late this month.

Just started to get a little rust on the leaves, but this late on it won't have any effect on the final crop.

The potatoes are growing still and I've just about come to the end of the new potatoes, so it's the main crops left.


The sweet peppers are doing really well and there are a good dozen fruit per plant which are swelling nicely.

This is the variety posiedon, a new on for me.

The Joes Long chillies are doing well and the fruit are getting on for 9" long now.


I have a few Giant Marrows set now so hopefully a giant by September.

And finally I think I may have got a couple of the Giant Pumpkins set too.


They're all growing on huge plants so fingers crossed for a big one.


The Summer sprouting Brocolli is producing but with the heat it tends to go to flower very quickly as opposed to the early sprouting stuff.

Got plenty of Winter Squash fruits set now so hopefully a good crop later on in the year.


And finally the Show onions are looking good and will be lifted and dried within the next week.

The big onion is still ticking over and getting bigger.

I did a video plot tour, click below to play, Thanks.


August 14th.

Mid August and the weather has taken a turn for the worse.

The back end of Hurricane Bertha came through but I got away with it.


Managed to get the Banana Shallots variety "Zebrunne" and all my Garlic harvested.

It's been the best year for both this year personally with some huge bulbs of both.

Did a video of the crop harvest below.


The Leeks are growing away well now and should be ready to harvest by late September, these are just the old favourite of Musselburgh.


The Turnips "Armand" and the Parsnips are doing well too with the recent rain we've had.


Starting to get a few belated Cucumbers setting now that the heat has died back which just stopped pollination, and I've got plenty of the Winter Squash fruits swelling now.


Harvested all the Exhibition Onions and I'm quite happy.

They are around the 4.5 lb mark and in the next month before the shows will hopefully ripen up and the necks shrivel so I can get a few decent sets.

Did a video of the harvest and how I prepare them below.


This year has been the best ever for tomatoes for me with the hot July and I can't complain at all.


Same with the Chilli plants.


The Joes Long variety and Basket of Fire have been amazing this year.


So the greenhouse is full of tomatoes.

Did a tour of the plot video including the giant marrows below, click to play, Cheers.


August 22nd.

Autumn has come early this year, the weather is foul and there is even a frost risk for this weekend.

Frost in August ????


With this in mind I decided to put my chilli plants in the house as the greenhouse can get pretty cold.


With the shows starting in a fortnight for me the previously harvested show onions are ripening off at home.

I pulled up the giant onion last week and weighed it, but did I finally manage to get to the magical 10 pound mark ?

Video below, click to play.



The Turnips and parsnips are really motoring so I pulled a test parsnip up and was quite surprised, and the turnips are looking good too.


Also pulled a couple of reject show carrots from the outside boxes which will be eaten gratefully.


This is the amount of slugs I found on one discarded spring onion, strangely they don't bother the ones that are growing ?

I was hit by blight over the past fortnight so harvested all the pot grown potatoes.

The Sarpo Miras are still unaffected and growing strongly.

Did a video of the harvest and was really happy with the haul.

Video below.


With all the heavy rain we've had some spectacular downpours but some nice Rainbows.


Here's one I took a pic of on the way back home tonight.



Feel free to ask a question or comment in the comments box below.






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