April 2011




March 25th. 

Ok,I know it's still March but before anything can happen a certain ritual needs to take place on the vernal Equinox,to give thanks for longer days than nights.

This consists of a bunch of us similarly minded commited vegetablists appeasing the growing gods for the forthcoming year.

Video below.

April 1st.

All the Tomatoes,Chillies and Peppers are growing away well now on my crowded windowsill.


Over in the Polytunnel the potatoes I planted last month are starting to emerge.


If any frost is forecast I'll just draw some soil over the leaves to protect them.


The brassicas are starting to grow their 1st true leaves and my Garlic is emerging outside.


All of the Exhibition Parsnips have now germinated and the Rhubarb seems to be fairly flying along this year.


Planted out all the Shallots and onion sets too and also the heat treated red onions which are supposed to make them less prone to bolting.

April 8th.

Finally managed to get some seeds sown this evening and with the weather having been really warm the soil should have warmed up a little too.

Sowed 3 different types of Lettuce in short 6ft rows. Little Gem,Iceberg 2 and some Rocket.

Also sowed 2 rows of Spring onions "Ishikura" and a short row of Beetroot "Bolthardy"

Yet again I did another mindnumbingly boring video,see below,plus one about growing potatoes in containers,but I also did one of all the newborn Lambs running about the place.Take your pick.



 April 16th.

Well,finally things seem to be growing a bit.


The Rhubarb is going crazy this year for some reason.My shallots and onion sets are growing away well even though there's been a surprising shortage of rain here recently.


The lettuce have started to germinate after a week as have the peas under the mouse proof mesh.


In the polytunnel the really early spuds are flying along so I earthed them up a bit today which is just a matter of drawing soil up against the stems into a ridge as they grow taller.


My tomatoes are getting a bit leggy on the windowsill so I'll have to plant them in the polytunnel shortly even though it's a bit early yet.

Saw my 1st ladybird of the year today.


Got my exhibition show growing potato bags ready for planting next week.

Video of the procedure below....



All the brassicas were ready to transplant outside today as they'd grown their 4th true leaves so I planted a row of Hispi Cabbage a row of Broccoli and a row of Kale.

All of which were planted down to the level of the 1st true leaves and really well firmed in,then covered in my homemade mesh cloches which keep out the cabbage whites.

Did a vid of that too below.


April 22nd.

Well I've honestly never ever witnessed weather as hot as this in April.


Stuff's germinating a plenty,peas fling along so I'm now able to take off the mouse protection as I think they'll be fine now.


Sowed some climbing french beans and cucumbers only 4 days ago and amazingly they're all up,so no problems in this heat with seed rotting off before it germinates.

I always sow 2 to a pot and then nip out the weaker plant if 2 appear.


Planted out a few of the tomatoes into big pots,these were getting a bit leggy at home so I simply planted them about 4" deeper right up to the seed leaves which is nom problem as they'll just produce more roots from the buried stalk.

The leeks in the big polystyrene box are fling along and should be ready to plant out in 2-3 weeks.


The giant onions seemed to have perked up a bit after giving them a quick feed of a high Nitrogen feed and are sending plenty of new green leaves out.

Did a bit of a quick vid of a tour of the plot on the 19th below.


That's everything that's gone on this week folks,thanks a lot for taking a look.

I'll do my best to keep the weekly updates coming,thanks.


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