April 2014




April 5th.

Well, a new month and into Spring proper.


Finally I have a few things growing.

I've sowed my first Lettuce in modules instead of direct sowing this year as the soil is still a bit too rough to sow them outside.

Just growing Webbs Iceberg, Little Gem and a new one to me Multigreen, apparently a frilly leaved variety.

Got some Cabbages on the go too, Greyhound and a new fast growing Savoy which apparently can produce small heads in as little as 70 days.

Some Kale and I sowed some Celeriac but nothing has germinated yet....


The Banana shallots in modules are growing away well and I'll be planting these out in about a month.

Parsley going well too.


Finally starting to get the soil into a better shape but not fine enough yet to sow into.

I decided to start my peas off in a length of guttering this year in the polytunnel and hopefully I can then slide the whole thing out into the soil outside and It'll be off and running.

Did a video of the new technique for me below, click to play.


Just as my Rhubarb was starting to grow a bit quicker....bang ! up comes a bloody flower head.


This is annoying as it's why I bought these new plants a couple of years ago to get some fresh stock.

I snapped it off so we'll see what happens.


After growing this years Exhibition and Giant Onions indoors, under lights since December I've finally got all 40 odd planted out into the polytunnel.

They are at the moment about the best I've grown so fingers crossed they should be good this year.

Again I did a video of the planting below, click to play.

The potatoes I planted really early on are now growing away well in the pots, hopefully some may be ready as soon as next month.


And the plants that keep on giving, the purple broccoli are still producing loads of fresh spears.


At last the tomatoes are growing on well now and the chillies are finally starting to do similar due to the warmer and sunnier weather.

These will be going into the greenhouse early next month hopefully.


I decided to plant all my potatoes the other day, in pots as usual.

This years varieties are Anya, Kestrel, Nicola, King Edward, Golden Wonder and Sarpo Mira.

Did a video of the process below, click to play.

April 15th.

Well, finally my garlic seems to be all coming up now and growing away well.


I've also made a few new netted cloches for this years Brassicas, and updated the mesh on some old ones from 10mm mesh which somehow the butterflies could get through to a fine 2-3mm debris net which they won't.


I still had hundreds of chillies drying out on last years old plants so I decided to have a go at making some chilli flakes.

It was dead easy but quite a toxic experience.

Video of the procedure below.

In the polytunnel the early pot grown spuds are really growing well now.


So too are the pot of early carrots.


The peas I sowed in a gutter a while ago were planted outside just 10 days after sowing and the first trial run of this technique seems to have been a success as they really germinated quickly in the polytunnel.

I did put some mesh over them just in case there are any mice about or pigeons.

Did a video of the planting procedure in glorious pea-cam-o-vision below.


I decided to tidy up the double bed plot and get rid of the pallets I used to walk on when it was so wet a couple of years ago.


It looks a bit tidier now but it took an age to scrape up all the mud and weeds beneath them.


I have decided to have a go at another couple of giant pumpkins this year so I had to get the old pumpkin patch back in shape from last years wild flower growing antics.

Again it took an age but I have 2 giant pits to plant them in now and the weeds are all cleared.

So finally, in the tunnel everything's growing well and I've moved all the seedlings into it as the greenhouse just gets way too hot.

I did a bit of a plot tour and plant update on the 8th below.


April 25th.

Not had any time to take any photos this week so I did a video tour of the plot and a look at how the plants and things are doing.

Click below to play, Cheers.

Feel free to ask a question or comment in the comments box below.






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