#217 | 19/02/2012, 11:18 pm, GMT | MBE | Location Walsall
Hi Dan, I'm after a bit of assistance with some carrot growing, if you have the time? I've left you a PM on the Vine.
Cheers, MBE

#216 | 19/02/2012, 7:33 pm, GMT | Phil TAYLOR | Location WIRRAL
Great info & interest-just started my plt 1st timer. Would appreciate tips on galazing a damaged greeenhouse etc.

#215 | 10/02/2012, 1:13 pm, GMT | Kevin Holland | Location Warwick
A very good site as it has given me some tips on growing large veg which i tried last year.Got 2 radish to just over 7lbs and some big toms that were 6oz.
So with the help of your site i am going to try long carrots and parsnips,might try heavy marrow as well.

#214 | 08/02/2012, 8:40 pm, GMT | Philippa | Location Utah, America
Great Site, I'v learned so much. Thanks and Good Luck with your showing.

#213 | 05/02/2012, 10:22 pm, GMT | pete | Location redditch
just checked out youtube about cfl growlights.some bloke reccomends you hang them sideways.if hang them down they can overheat and burn the circut board on them,and also in an enclosed area they can set fire.check it out cheers pete

#212 | 05/02/2012, 9:09 pm, GMT | pete | Location redditch
great site mate,this will be my 3rd year of following and thanks for yhe info about cfl growlights just ordered some thanks.

#211 | 26/01/2012, 7:22 am, GMT | Chuffa Askew | Location Sudbury Suffolk
Very interesting web site you have got here Dan. Gives me lots of ideas for my own plot. Well done and thank you.

#210 | 25/01/2012, 5:26 am, GMT | Mike Hayner | Location Canada
Very interesting site. I've learned quite a bit so far. I have (through complete fluke activities) grown large vegetables in my garden. Zuchhinni over 3 feet long. Without special attention. You've given me incentive to enter a competition this year.

#209 | 22/01/2012, 11:58 pm, GMT | Cliff Spence | Location Chicago Suburbs Illinois USA
Dan, I am utterly impressed. I shall watch and read every bit you have put together. One note on the sweet corn. A rough gauge is when growing sweet corn it needs to be Knee high by the fourth of July.

#208 | 08/01/2012, 5:59 pm, GMT | Roger tgac2010@gmail.com | Location Thetford Norfolk
Do you do talks about your life gardening for competition.

#207 | 12/12/2011, 4:52 pm, GMT | Martin | Location Huddersfield
Really good videos no messing around and straight into things wonder what variety of broccoli you grew , as mine are no way as big

#206 | 08/12/2011, 8:29 am, GMT | Jelena
Hi. Just wondering, how long would it take to grow a giant onion for a newbie? I've never done onion growing before, I specialise mostly in pineapples.


#205 | 26/11/2011, 11:33 pm, GMT | Sarah | Location Sheffield
I love you website and your youtube videos. Perhaps you could have a page on your website explaining about your site and how you have it all set out and a bit about yourself? :)
Well done on keeping it all up!

#204 | 23/11/2011, 9:47 pm, GMT | Geoffwilz | Location Middlesbrough
Absolutely great site, an inspiration which has pushed me to have a go at showing next year. Best of luck and keep it going

#203 | 13/11/2011, 8:30 am, GMT | fred hogg | Location centre of the universe Letchworth Garden City
Brilliant site..

#202 | 11/11/2011, 7:16 pm, GMT | Tony Rodwell | Location Selby North Yorks
Congratulations this is the best gardening siteI have been on.Trouble is I am spending nearly as much time on here as I do on my 2 allotments.Thanks for all the tips I am going to have a go showing next year.
Regards Tony.

#201 | 07/11/2011, 8:40 pm, GMT | Arthur | Location Shropshire
Huge resource of proper advice and information. Well done Dan, keep it up.

Hugely inspiring.

#200 | 06/11/2011, 8:40 pm, GMT | Дмитрий | Location Россия
Вы наверно святой. Только святой может любить так свои растения. Без любви к ним такого не вырастить.
Удачи Вам!

#199 | 23/10/2011, 5:32 am, GMT | Geoff Wilson | Location Middlesbrough
Excellent web site hope you keep it up. Your advice and mistakes have been a great help to me congratulations on your successes

#198 | 11/10/2011, 3:47 am, GMT | chris butler | Location doncaster
just got an allotment for the first time, about 400 sq. yards of 4ft. high nettles, thistles and brambles. Have cleared about half with a machete, but digging into the soil i find i have about 3 inches of very thick nettle roots covering the whole ground. any suggestions or just a matter of digging them out?

#197 | 29/09/2011, 8:35 pm, GMT | Mick McLoughlin | Location East Yorkshire
I have just found your web site, and i am looking through your month by month sections. Its very well filmed and narated....big fan!

#196 | 21/09/2011, 8:14 am, GMT | braddy | Location west yorks
I was who the judge who gave your chilli plant a red card , it was the best by a country mile ,and your set of 5 dressed onions can not have been far away from red . keep up the good work ,Braddy

#195 | 10/09/2011, 11:32 am, GMT | Michael | Location Northampton
Really enjoyed your website. Thanks for all the tips on showing vegtables

#194 | 10/09/2011, 4:30 am, GMT | Marcia Baker | Location Hayfork, California
Oh, you have no idea how much I have been enjoying reading your garden blog. I have bookmarked the site and will use it as a reference as well as just enjoying your gardening news.
I have been veggie gardening all my life. But it has been till, plant, weed, water, then eat. I have never exhibited produce. Maybe I will now. Sounds like fun.

#193 | 04/09/2011, 8:00 pm, GMT | Mark | Location Winsford, Cheshire
Congratulations on the glut of prizes. Keep up the good work, I will be following. I had excellent potatoes this year, but my carrots were pitifull. I'll be taking notes from the master next year. Mark

#192 | 04/09/2011, 5:18 pm, GMT | Malcolm | Location Godalming, Surrey
Just wanted to say thankyou for taking the trouble to produce such an excellent site, and a true inspiration. Good luck with the coming season.

#191 | 06/08/2011, 10:29 pm, GMT | Alvin Texeira | Location Navelim goa india
need a important medium for growing vegetables in pots specially potatos and tomatoes.

reply on my email

#190 | 03/08/2011, 3:16 pm, GMT | Mrs Norma Edwards | Location Middlesex
As a reasonably new allotment holder, I am so grateful for your Allotment Diary.
However, I wonder if it would be possible to have a "How to" part. I saw somewhere how to make cloches from 2x2 wood etc- but can I find it now???
Thanks a lot.

#189 | 26/07/2011, 5:31 pm, GMT | Blanqui | Location Punta del Este, Uruguay
I bookmarked your site because I found lots of interesting information and it will a reference for me since today.

#188 | 11/07/2011, 10:31 am, GMT | Antonie Kruger | Location Benoni, South Africa
Great, great work. I love the passion, effort and eventual results. Well done. I have a 10x4m greenhouse with a 5 kilolitre aquaponics system. Great to see such prectacular results from your gravel based garden. Great information on your site. Well done, again.

#187 | 01/07/2011, 8:49 am, GMT | Catherine | Location Cork,Ireland
I love your website and tips. Great veggie garden.What will you use the gooseberry chutney with?

#186 | 12/06/2011, 5:02 pm, GMT | stephen nicholas
great site use this as my bible

#185 | 12/06/2011, 3:47 am, GMT | Char | Location Payson, Utah
Im so happy I found your website. Our little town we live in has a festival every September and its called Payson Onion Days & this year they are having the biggest Onion contest. Hopefully I will be successfull with your help. Im sure I wont be able to pull off 9 pounders but will be happy with whatever I get and try harder next year. ;-D

#184 | 10/06/2011, 6:51 am, GMT | Gary | Location Hull
Found your site last night really impressed . I'm new to the veg game first go this year but wonderedif you could tell me about your watering process . I know they recommend weekly not daily watering but what do you do especiallyin your poly tunnel and your specimencarrots ? Enjoyed your work !

#183 | 07/06/2011, 11:44 am, GMT | Rob Flake | Location Driffield East Yorkshire
Hi love the website and always look forward to see what you have been doing , some great tips for all us budding allotment holders, keep up the good work, look forward to seeing your allotment over the next few weeks

#182 | 01/06/2011, 9:10 am, GMT | Peter | Location Monaghan, Ireland
Keep it up. Your enthusiasm is infectious. What is name of your
gooseberries? What other fruit do you grow?:

#181 | 29/05/2011, 8:37 am, GMT | Jan Thomas | Location South wales
Hi love your allotment! Great work and tips which have enspired me!
All the best! Jan

#180 | 10/05/2011, 6:11 pm, GMT | Phil | Location Cheshire
My second year with an allotment and looking everywhere for information and tips. Glad i found your site (today) really enjoyed your vids. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

#179 | 08/05/2011, 1:57 pm, GMT | Helen | Location London
I have just started growing my own and was looking online for some hints and tips. Your site is the best I've found by far and I'll be following your progress and checking it against my own from now on. Thanks so much!

#178 | 27/04/2011, 1:03 pm, GMT | Crazy Carrot Fan from Ammanford | Location In the trees eating chips
You are completely bonkers.

#177 | 11/04/2011, 7:28 pm, GMT | Neil | Location Hampshire, UK
Excellent, excellent blog! My southern Jessie hands are blistered prepping all that compost and drilling holes for the exhibition carrots but massive fun - a first for me and you're an inspiration. I'm using the compost mix (thank you for sharing the ingredients) for all my potting on and so far (in conjunction with Rootgrow) results are really great. How about an update with pics of the onions etc. so we lesser mortals can compare our efforts?? Keep up the good work - it lightens my week and gets me trying new things.

#176 | 08/04/2011, 12:45 pm, GMT | Countryman_uk | Location Driffield ,East Yorkshire ,UK
Really intresting site mate, keep up the good work, so many good tips to help us novices on the way to having a quailty allotment

#175 | 30/03/2011, 5:26 pm, GMT | Curtis Sanders | Location Seattle/Tacoma WA
Thanks for the great site! I check it everyday looking for updates. Since our weather is near the same I just plant when you plant and prep as you prep. Keep it going! We don't do the large carrots and large onions so much here I still grow for size just so i look better then the rest.

#174 | 28/03/2011, 7:15 pm, GMT | Sherry | Location Texas, United States
Hello Dan, You have developed an absolutely wonderful website here, informative and easy to navigate. I love the video Obviously your passion is growing, as is it is for us who have found your online gardening diary. One thing I truly like is how you explain all the details while you are working in your garden.

#173 | 20/03/2011, 12:53 pm, GMT | Brian Jones | Location Perthshire
No-nonsense gardening for normal folk with average knowledge and limited time & budget. More people would be encouraged to participate if many gardening TV shows were as down to earth. Keep up the good work!

#172 | 17/03/2011, 8:05 pm, GMT | Mike | Location Plymouth
Love the web site. Easy on the eye, informative and inspiring. All your effort is appreciated.

#171 | 16/03/2011, 11:05 pm, GMT | steve nicholas | Location cornwall
what a great site for a begginer like myself

#170 | 16/03/2011, 8:10 pm, GMT | Robert de Vries | Location Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Hey there,
I love your site.
in 2007 i had a internship at Kew Gardens and fell in love with the crazy competitive prize winning vegetable growing contests as i saw some exibitions in Chelsea flower show.
i started growing giant beetroot and parsnip, both about 3kg.
this year i got my hands on some Kelsea Mammoth Improved and Mammoth Red onions, let's see who wil win, probebly you as i grow them outside hehe, Liverpool and Leeuwarden are both about 53 degree north so.
if u want some pictures of my onions diary please contact robertarayess@hotmail.com
check u soon!

#169 | 14/03/2011, 11:36 pm, GMT | Sharon | Location Angus, Scotland
Well by gum am I glad to have found your website/diary/blog!!! Hi :O) I am new to the wonderful world of allotments and am mighty pleased to have tripped over your site. It is full of information for an amateur like myself..just exactly what I need..thank you :O) keep up the good work sharon

#168 | 14/03/2011, 8:54 pm, GMT | Phoebe | Location Manchester
hi, i'm only 14 but i love gardening and i am in love with the idea of growing and eating my own veg. this is my second year gardening and i have only just discovered your fabulous website. you inspire me to be a great gardener. thankyou!!

#167 | 14/03/2011, 6:31 pm, GMT | Nicki | Location USA, North Carolina
I love your website! I have watched all of the videos and learned a lot. I have only been growing for 2 seasons but I am in love with it. Thank you for all the information you provide!

I also love your pottery videos. I am still learning on the wheel. Your videos have been very helpful!

#166 | 09/03/2011, 11:09 pm, GMT | Donna | Location SLOUGH
I'm so inspired by Matt's Micro Veg Growing project. I was in dispair over tiny barren garden, now I feel I can work my 3x1m bed and rip up the rest of my tatty lawn.

#165 | 09/03/2011, 9:11 am, GMT | Stu Buss | Location Perth, Australia
Hi Dan,

I found this site after your clip was put on youdanxxx by accident. Its so well set out, and informative. It reminded me that I was planing to build a shadehouse in the vineyard this year to grow replacement vines, and use the spare space for veges. Here in Perth we also have water restrictions, but fortunately the vineyard has a bore with excellent water. I will follow your blog with interest.
Stu Buss

#164 | 08/03/2011, 8:57 pm, GMT | ben | Location amesbury
the sites fantastic i'm very jealous of all your space its great how well your veg is coming along keep up the good work

#163 | 04/03/2011, 6:06 pm, GMT | BOB | Location US INDIANA
what a great site thanks so much for all the info , i will be trying these methods to impress my friends and family .

#162 | 03/03/2011, 6:56 pm, GMT | Amy | Location Mansfield

Hi, just wantedto say your website is one I look at every week, I really enjoy your updates. Its great to see you've already been a busy bee! I've only just got started for my second year of growing on my allotment. I just wanted to say you're an inspiration!

#161 | 02/03/2011, 6:35 pm, GMT | Daggydogwood | Location Chester/Nantwich

Hi, great site. I decided to grow some exhibition onions& carrots this year so you have been a great help as I knew less that nothing about it. Any chance of some pics of your onions at this stage?

#160 | 01/03/2011, 8:31 pm, GMT | don francis | Location ely cambs

enjoyed looking at your show veg nice one ishow in my village show i do quit well no one know how much time it takes to prepair all year and a week to get then ready happy showing and lot more reds DON

#159 | 28/02/2011, 2:05 pm, GMT | Caroline | Location SW London

Just got an allotment for the first time and when I feel daunted I come and look at your site. You are my inspiration! Thanks.

#158 | 27/02/2011, 11:44 pm, GMT | Graham | Location Bath

Hi, what a change to see someone plant a veg plot without all the whohar, I have learned more from watching your vids than anyting else, great web site and thanks, My grandfather used to grow ginormas onions so brought back some memories.

#157 | 27/02/2011, 9:13 am, GMT | gary | Location lincoln

hi dan, really enjoyed reading all about your veg growing,the pics were fantastic,and loads of hints thank you, very best regards gary

#156 | 25/02/2011, 1:51 am, GMT | Shannon | Location Las Vegas, Nevada

Sweet vegetables.. one day I hope to grow things just as nice as yours..

#155 | 17/02/2011, 11:47 pm, GMT | Дмитрий | Location Россия

Спасибо, теперь я знаю, что нет ничего невозможного!

#154 | 10/02/2011, 8:15 pm, GMT | geraint | Location south wales

exellent blog very intreasting i grow every year for competions and dont win anything with all your advise im going to win something this year whats the name of your oinion sets thx

#153 | 20/01/2011, 10:02 pm, GMT | Dean | Location Newcastle upon Tyne

Hi Dan, I really love your website, it has given me a lot of hints and tips for my attempt at growing for show this year. Do you have any plans on updating with how your onions are coming along this year?, I sowed mine on 26th Dec and have got a dozen or so through and about 2" tall, on the windowsill, first time but hoping I might be able to grow some 1/2 decent ones. the seeds are Robinsons mammoth onions, not sure if they are any good or not.

#152 | 20/01/2011, 2:56 pm, GMT | Faith | Location USA

I love your enthusiasm and your site. Great job! I'm sure someone has already told you by now that the reason your pumpkin plants grew like crazy but did not have a lot of fruitful results was that they had too much nitrogen. Lots of nitrogen will cause enormous vegetative growth, but doesn't encourage the plants to invest themselves in producing much else. They had it cushy with all you gave them. They need a reason to survive by reproduction, and a little hardship encourages them to do more producing. Again, love the site. I'll be back to see more of your adventures. Beautiful farm, by the way!

#151 | 17/01/2011, 1:34 pm, GMT | laxmee | Location london

i have a small plot at home. have never done gardening before. your site is very helpful thanks.

#150 | 16/01/2011, 12:48 am, GMT | Andy | Location Dublin

Incredible website..amazing veg. you are my new leader!

#149 | 15/01/2011, 12:43 am, GMT | Matthew Tanner | Location Mid Wales

Great website Dan very interesting, this is my first year Growing vegetables (already had my politunnel ripped down in the gails) so not a good start. Anyway with your help i might have a bit more luck. Thanks for a very inspiring half hours reading and viewing

#148 | 11/01/2011, 11:05 am, GMT | mikspring | Location surrey

Hi,thanks for your tips I have learned a lot . I am going to have a go at beetroot carrots onions for our local show on August bank holiday. I got a 1st &3rd inthe onions last year so you have given me the fever !!!! keep up the site. Regards mick

#147 | 27/12/2010, 6:05 pm, GMT | Stephen | Location Kent

Hi - I have really enjoyed following your success online, a brilliant website. Thank you for all your effort to keep this updated, it is very much appreciated. From your videos and notes I have begun to plan 2011. God bless, Stephen

#146 | 14/12/2010, 2:32 pm, GMT | John | Location Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Can't decide if I like the vegtable growing or the pottery best. I try to do a little of both. Thanks for including your mixes in the vidios, helping me alot. Telling all my friends of your website. Thankyou

#145 | 28/11/2010, 12:55 pm, GMT | dave | Location stoke on trent

hi dan just found your site.what a fund of info.have had an allotment for just 12 mths now.going to have a go at onions,leeks for next sept (uddalsfield allotment society)

#144 | 23/10/2010, 4:06 pm, GMT | steve | Location borgue kirkcudbright scotland

Hi dan fab web site dun my first show this year and got 2 for big onions thanks for your inspiring work keep it up thanks steve

#143 | 22/10/2010, 6:25 am, GMT | Noel | Location Ohio, USA

Hi Dan, I've been a fan of yours after watching your pottery videos on YouTube. Just wanted to say that both your pottery and awesome vegetable growing skills are such an inspiration! Please keep up the great work in all that you do. Have a great week!

#142 | 18/10/2010, 7:53 pm, GMT | Old Beginner | Location South Wales

Absolutley great site. I'm an old beginner, been out of gardening for 35 years due to business commitments, now retired almost 70 so starting again. When I lived in the Forest of Dean in the 60s I tried growing long carrots but had no luck with them as the Pit Ponies kept eating the roots off them!!!.

#140 | 07/10/2010, 8:04 pm, GMT | stel stylianou | Location Cheshunt.hertfordshire

really thrilled i have found a superb how to site like yours,great for fairly new gardners like me, i too am aiming for giants this year. I am just starting a garden club at work at my train depot and your site is a great source for us.

#139 | 03/10/2010, 8:48 pm, GMT | Franziska | Location Scotland

Any update on the giant pumpkins! Hope they are doing well!

#138 | 27/09/2010, 11:17 am, GMT | Lee | Location Northumberland uk

Excellent website. Found it last year and followed your carrot tips, cleaned up at our show with stump and long carrots. Thanks alot! Theres a great book you can get off amazon "How to grow giant pumpkins 5" I can highly recomend it. Ive never grown them before, read the book and entered the local show with a 170lb pumpkin! I was well chuffed! keep up the good work of inspiring us all ! Lee

#137 | 25/09/2010, 1:11 pm, GMT | gary | Location south shields tyne & wear

any good onion grower out their selling good seed purchased a polytunnel last year enjoy growing onions and watching dans site very good & very interesting well done dan. gleithead@blueyonder.co.uk

#136 | 18/09/2010, 1:01 am, GMT | gary | Location seaham

hi dan mate its gary the northeast onion guru (lol) just to congratulate you on you show sucsess this year mate a very well done keep it up ill try to find your email address and mail you my number again mate keep up the good work soon you will be at national level all the best gary

#135 | 17/09/2010, 9:51 pm, GMT | John Rowlands | Location Ivybridge Devon

Will try to grow BIG onions next year on my allotment - will be a laugh compared to the results you get! Really enjoyed your site Thanks

#134 | 14/09/2010, 10:50 pm, GMT | hele h | Location ingletonnia

Amazing!! Really enjoyed browsing this site. An inspiration!! Especially impressed by the super huge pumkins!!.x

#133 | 11/09/2010, 9:34 am, GMT | Big Mick. | Location Liverpool

Fantastic site and i've got some tips i'll be trying myself now. Thank you so much and keep up the good work. Good luck for next season.

#132 | 05/09/2010, 11:52 pm, GMT | Winsfordite | Location Winsford

Well done for results in September show. All produce looked excellent. I will be watching and taking note. I am a first year veg grower, so no need to look over your shoulder yet.

#131 | 13/08/2010, 2:38 pm, GMT | Vincent | Location North Yorkshire

Brilliant website - love it. Just started growing show onions after a few years growing pot leeks. I found the information on ripening onions really useful - but it seems I've left it a little late this year - only 15 days until the show!! (

#130 | 09/08/2010, 10:55 pm, GMT | Dave | Location Scottish Highlands

Have been bitten by the show veg bug and your site is truly inspiring - will be putting your ideeas and methods into practice next season.

#129 | 02/08/2010, 6:02 am, GMT | Tommy Hughes | Location Glsgow

I 've had an allotment for 3 years now and I haven,t kept any kind of diary. I think your growing information is excellent and I will be following your diary and keeping a strict diry of my own. Where on your site can I find your suppliers etc. Tommy

#128 | 28/07/2010, 2:45 pm, GMT | grahame | Location Southport U.K.

Nice reporting and great updates. I have an allotment and have tried to grow giant onions this year - outside of course. I was looking for how you fertilised them during the season but it looks like you only do it at the start. Might try that next year!

#127 | 23/07/2010, 12:02 pm, GMT | Stan The Chronic Beginner | Location Outside the UK (Czech Rep)

Great, really! Almost incredible. Really Working. Hope Ill see the day to be able to cope with. What about tomatoes? And giant leeks? Thanks for your show and good luck again.

#126 | 12/07/2010, 10:20 pm, GMT | The Pumpkin Man of Ealing | Location Ealing, London

Very interesting site, check mine out at: http://www.ealingpumpkins.blogspot.com/ Lots of pumpkin photos! Would have been more but the Fox dug them up! Good luck in your attempts.

#125 | 12/07/2010, 3:03 pm, GMT | Nanda Kumar C | Location Bangalore,India

This is an useful website. Like me a lot of home garden lovers should visit and take the useful information. Any congragulations to the auther.

#124 | 17/06/2010, 2:03 am, GMT | Grace Lee | Location Melbourne, Australia

Wow! Love your site and good luck with your super awesome veggies! I've been inspired! Thank you,

#123 | 13/06/2010, 9:45 am, GMT | Amy Heller | Location New York

I love your website! Living in the city all my life, I've never grown anything noteworthy, and find your diary very intriguing. Your dedication to updates is truely appreciated, at least my me! Good luck with everything!

#122 | 12/06/2010, 9:51 pm, GMT | JMT | Location Bournemouth

Love the site! Helpful & inspirational. All the best with the growing

#121 | 05/06/2010, 10:40 pm, GMT | Zoe | Location Stockport, UK

oh and yes, I forgot, can you get a subscribe button on here? so people can get your updates via email at all? if not, no worries xx

#120 | 05/06/2010, 10:39 pm, GMT | Zoe | Location Stockport, UK

Love your site and videos...thanks for all your hard work, I sure clicked a few ads for ya! anyway, what happened to the pheasant and her eggs? I am waiting with baited breath, please don't say she was naughty and you had to dispose of them? :0( ??? :0) xx

#119 | 05/06/2010, 12:16 pm, GMT | woody (Noobveg) | Location Rotherham

Sorry to here about the Marestail, it shows how bloody tough and vigorous it is, if only the veg were as keen, be interesting to see if youve killed it though, good luck.

#118 | 27/05/2010, 11:39 am, GMT | Sarah | Location Worcestershire

I accidentally came across your site this morning. It's brilliantly entertaining and I"m dying to know how the giant pumpkins are doing.

#117 | 21/05/2010, 8:46 am, GMT | Doug | Location http://www.wellrooted.co.uk

I have really enjoyed your giant veg attempts. Please keep the updates coming, I need the inspiration! Thanks Doug

#116 | 13/05/2010, 1:48 pm, GMT +1 | Helen | Location Burton-in-Lonsdale

Enjoyed watching your Buster Keaton video with Muddy digging over the winter vegetable plot. Joking apart - all very interesting and entertaining and relevant to us at the mo - with our new veggie plot in the making.

#115 | 02/05/2010, 8:02 am, GMT +1 | Colette | Location London

Just found your website and it's brilliant - can't wait to see how the giant pumpkin comes along... good luck! we're rooting for you!

#114 | 26/04/2010, 11:31 pm, GMT +1 | ib | Location Bedfordshire

Brilliant website! Not only is self growing time consuming so is uploading and maintaining material for a website. But like growing your own this site website is very rewarding. I'll be watching out for updates! Keep up the good work!

#113 | 23/04/2010, 10:05 pm, GMT +1 | PETE WHITE | Location MALMESBURY. WILTS

This is the best web site i have come across.you can spend hours looking and comparing.you can see how your own should look like each week.brilliant.thank you. keep it going and best of luck this year.

#112 | 11/04/2010, 8:20 am, GMT +1 | F. van den Oever | Location Hengelo, Holland

I really like your diary. So nice to see the gardening over there, and your love for nature. Here the garden is well behind to because of the long winter but everything is really getting startes now. Lots of luck Frederike

#111 | 11/04/2010, 7:41 am, GMT +1 | smashing pumpkins | Location Burnmoor

just off for the timber for my pumpkin patch. let battle commence!

#110 | 13/03/2010, 8:33 pm, GMT +1 | Damo | Location Salisbury

love your site. I've just sown long carrots for the first time, maybe too early but giving it a go in a couple of sand filled dustbins. Best of luck for the season.

#109 | 06/03/2010, 11:26 pm, GMT +1 | Allaboutliverpool | Location Liverpool

Thanks for commenting on my YouTube. Your website is great and I shall follow your progress.

#108 | 13/02/2010, 8:41 pm, GMT +1 | ray | Location shropshire

just discovered this site, am a keen showman so found it interesting, are your stump carots sweetcandle? had some great ones in 2009. hope they are as good in 2010.

#107 | 11/02/2010, 7:56 am, GMT +1 | Damo | Location http://www.twochancesvegplot.co.uk/

Great site, really want to have a crack at the long carrots, I'll keep an eye on your progress, best of luck!

#106 | 04/02/2010, 8:12 pm, GMT +1 | Alyzabeth | Location Pennsylvania USA

Very interesting

#105 | 01/02/2010, 6:25 pm, GMT +1 | Linda | Location Washington STATE, US

This is my 2nd year following you and am excited to see you back! I'm learning so much! Thank you!

#104 | 31/01/2010, 11:38 am, GMT +1 | w00dy | Location Rotherham

Great site, keep up the posting, i check on a daily basis, and my own show veg growing attempts are loosly based around what you are doing. Thanks again.

#103 | 31/01/2010, 7:08 am, GMT +1 | jimmy | Location Liverpool

What i like about your site is that you share your knowledge for free and not jumping on the money wagon like all the rest well done.You wont get rich but you will be more famous your well known on all liverpool allotments

#102 | 26/01/2010, 1:36 pm, GMT +1 | johnsplants.com | Location Langold Worksop notts

Great diary was engrossed, took me back some years when i was doing the same. All the best hope you achieve your goals in 2010.Will be watching your progress johnsplants.com

#101 | 19/01/2010, 2:10 pm, GMT +1 | Peter | Location Germany

hy Im Peter and i like this side verry much. I grow giant pumpkins in Germany.Last year i grow some giant Onions but the heviest was only 0.8 kg heavy.Ive heard that i need special seeds, but where can i get them from?? and where can i got other giant vergetables seeds like carrots and so on?? it would be nice if any one could tell me and answer via email :peter.ganter@online.de best wishes Peter Ganter from Germany

#100 | 05/01/2010, 1:22 pm, GMT | Jonathan MacDOnald | Location Madeley Academy

Fantastic, we are about to start growing veg plots and you are now famous in our school for we will attempt to emulate the onions and carrots but expect to be much smaller than yours. Very good site, we will watch out how you do this coming year. Many thanks Mr. MacDonald Land based studies teacher for year 9&10

#99 | 26/12/2009, 8:50 am, GMT | Joanne Fenn | Location Great Yarmouth

What a wonderful site you have made, totally engrossing. I particularly like all the photos as a novice veggie grower and all the handy little tips you give. Many thanks.

#98 | 25/12/2009, 1:23 am, GMT | Gary Dodd | Location South Yorkshire

Merry Christmas. Have been following your site for some time and find the site informative. My father-in-law has an allotment and I aim to spend more time in 2010 helping him, your updates and information have been a real inspiration. He already has 3 greenhouses joined together but I believe a polytunnel would be a good investment (he is now retired) and will help him buy/build one in 2010. Good luck in the exhibitions in 2010. All the best for the coming year, Gaz

#97 | 19/11/2009, 11:14 am, GMT | john henderson | Location montrose scotland

what a great way to spend a cold winters evening exploring your diary.i find it very interesting and will try a lot of your ideas for next year.i find that if you buy mothballs from your local hardware store and place them around your onions and carrots they not only keep the fly at bay they also help to keep any cats from your plants. very best regards john

#96 | 01/11/2009, 5:15 pm, GMT | Stuart Williams | Location Oldham Lancs

Your site is brill, I dont know how you do it all. Growing as well i hope you can keep it going next year as well, i can not wait for all your ideas, i will most certainly be copying your ideas what ever you do, i will be doing very shortly afterward's Thank-you very much for you hard work

#95 | 23/10/2009, 9:32 pm, GMT | Nick | Location Pembrokeshire

Thanks for this informative & entertaining site - you clearly put a lot of effort into it . I used to grow veg for exhibition myself some years ago, so appreciate your enthusiasm (and recognise the inevitable frustrations). Thanks again.

#94 | 18/10/2009, 6:47 pm, GMT | Mal | Location Leeda UK

Excellent site - looking forward to following you in 2010.

#93 | 16/10/2009, 6:12 pm, GMT | Kevin | Location winchester

Great website - very clearly shown, has motivated me for next year.

#92 | 16/10/2009, 1:14 pm, GMT | Andy | Location west midlands

By far the best site on the web.Great site to help you get motivated and inspired

#91 | 07/10/2009, 8:55 pm, GMT | shaun | Location st.helens

mate that was the best 40 minutes i have spent on the net. top fella top veg, i am going to give it a go myself next year iv only had my plot for a year but what the @@@@@ you have inspired me lol good luck with your 10lb onion next year

#90 | 06/10/2009, 3:04 pm, GMT | Gerda | Location Belguim

you are great in pottery but also for growing the onions... great site!! greets from Belguim, Gerda

#89 | 07/09/2009, 10:48 pm, GMT | MARK MUNRO | Location DORSET


#88 | 06/09/2009, 8:52 pm, GMT | paul | Location huddersfield

fantastic site thanks im building an onion bed in my tunell this weekend

#87 | 05/09/2009, 5:21 pm, GMT | bigbadg2003 | Location barnsley

like the big onions good site to look around some ideas for my allotment thank you

#86 | 01/09/2009, 12:01 pm, GMT | PEGASUS | Location LEYLAND

Hi your info on giant onions is helping me to enjoy my 80 plus years, have never had the idea to grow them before,so having a new challenge, so thanks alot, PEGASUS

#85 | 30/08/2009, 12:48 am, GMT | aaron | Location USA

nice! my 4th grader loves to help me garden. we learned alot just from the pics. have been eating FREE food all summer. will try some of your examples. quality time with the kids. THANK YOU!

#84 | 20/08/2009, 8:53 pm, GMT | nick ellis | Location laceby, grimsby

well done it seems your doing everything right - but one thing - soil warming cables, set at 70f they make taller bulbs, and you dont worry about outside temp.or have you no electic there ? regards nick

#83 | 13/08/2009, 5:42 pm, GMT | Richard Hall | Location Cornwall

Brilliant , I have been gardening since I was a kid, way back in the early 1970s, and your site is one of the best ive ever seen . very informative and helpful ' Thank you

#82 | 05/08/2009, 2:11 am, GMT | dawn | Location newcastle upon tyne

long suffering wife slowly getting interested in the veggy growing thing. its my hubbys first year at growing onions and leeks and massive cabbage's and he is doing quite well. his onions are 22 and leeks 22.5 after seeing whats happened to yours there will be hell on if anything goes wrong. cant wait for your next diary entry. good luck with the rest of your crop great site x

#81 | 03/08/2009, 9:53 pm, GMT | Bob. | Location West midlands

Would like to give advice were you went wrong with your onion bulbills. just by luck found out how to get in touch as I`m anovice on computers.

#80 | 17/07/2009, 12:56 pm, GMT | Richard | Location Faversham, Kent


#79 | 15/07/2009, 9:02 am, GMT | Peter | Location Marton in Cleveland

Brilliant site, excellent information and comments which are all based on your own experience. Good luck with your growing.

#78 | 14/07/2009, 12:37 pm, GMT | Polly | Location Bolton Lancs

Wow... what a great site. Came across it by accident. New to growing veg and at last a site that you can compare what your own veg should/shouldn't be like. I will definatley be checking this out on a regular basis and doing the sowing almost at the same time. If I have half the success I will be well pleased. Thanks Dan for the site and keep up good luck with the onions.

#77 | 05/07/2009, 5:57 pm, GMT | Paul | Location Cornwall

Love the site, great idea. I have my first veg patch this year and will be watching your with interest. Thanks for sharing.

#76 | 27/06/2009, 3:54 pm, GMT | John Howell | Location Blackpool

Site looks great not to say all you fruit and veg effort keep it up will be watching in anticipation Once again all looks great John in Blackpool

#75 | 25/06/2009, 9:19 am, GMT | Garry Atack | Location LIVERSEDGE WEST YORKSHIRE

Sorry about your onions Matt.Nicked your idea to grow my Strawberries in my otherwise completly useless mini greenhouse, but to stop the 'bloody Blackbirds' nicking the crop, use the wire racks that come with it to cover the upturned end and over the top of the straws.I have had no bother with them.

#74 | 20/06/2009, 3:57 pm, GMT | http://mygardendreams.blogspot.com | Location CT, USA

Hi, Loved my visit to your site. Actually by the way you have categorised your produce month-wise, one can easily make a planting/seeding/harvesting schedule for vegetable gardening. Excellent. One question I had is about the hoops you have built for some of the beds. What material is the hoop made of-wood, PVC? Thanks.

#73 | 16/06/2009, 3:07 pm, GMT | Gayle | Location Highlands

Insiprational. Funny. Heartwarming. I was supposed to be working but found your site whilst searching for tips on exhibiting veg. My 2nd year growing this far north (after relocating from Kent), and now having a shiny new polytunnel will be encouraged with your results from a cooler climate. Mightily impressed by the size of your onions!

#72 | 12/06/2009, 6:45 pm, GMT | Jen (gumshoegardener)

Thanks for the informative guide to planting leeks! I didn't start any this year but next year I think I'll try some with your advice!

#71 | 20/05/2009, 2:14 pm, GMT | Nick | Location Wales

Great site - full of useful info - thanks for sharing your experiences. Good luck with the exhibition veg - hopefully the weather will be kinder this year.

#70 | 17/05/2009, 10:29 pm, GMT | Andy | Location Morecambe

Thought this would be easy so built 2 x 7ft by 4ft and 2 x 6ft by 3ft raised beds and Im having a mare. Maybe its you whos made it look so easy!! Great blog for us newbies keep the information coming.

#69 | 30/04/2009, 8:35 pm, GMT | mr_cl1ff | Location manchester

great site,very helpful information.you have learnt alot from last years attempt at growing giant onions.i grow them aswell,good luck,cl1ff

#68 | 25/04/2009, 1:21 am, GMT | Tess | Location North Devon

This is my favourite blog! So interesting and the photos are beautiful. Looking forward to reading/seeing how you get on in 2009 Dan, good luck with the onions & carrots.

#67 | 22/04/2009, 11:59 pm, GMT | Bob Plant | Location West Midlands

send me a text with your landline number for advice where you went rong with your onion bulbils and i will call you back my number is 07982702804

#66 | 17/04/2009, 6:38 pm, GMT +1 | matt's lil sister | Location abu dhabi

cool matt, i love the mini site. Reckon you could do me a portable bench and send cargo to UAE?........any tips for growing green stuff in the sandpit. Well done, it looks a whole lot better than my attempt at having a plot in Devon...i managed to rake about 1x2metres and popped in some seeds and nothing happened, clearly it take a bit more hard work than that Anyways keep the updates coming, they remind me of my lovely home and family xx

#65 | 10/04/2009, 7:48 am, GMT +1 | Keefa | Location T`other side o` t`viaduct

avidly following Matt`s micro veg plot,an inspiration to all newcomers. may it be a long and fruitful growing season in the Yorkshire Dales.

#64 | 09/04/2009, 1:17 pm, GMT +1 | SallyD | Location Hampshire

Stumbled across your website by mistake and have spent a very pleasant lunch hour browsing through your many pages. Very interesting, very imformative. I am a new lottie holder; still very much trial and error, but I shall use your website as my 'text book' and follow your examples. Thank you. One question, how on earth do you have time to do the gardening, take the pictures, edit the webpage, etc. etc. Trying to fit in my trips to the lottie around everything else is not easy!

#63 | 26/03/2009, 11:28 pm, GMT +1 | Mike | Location E Yorks

A great read. Good luck with the onions this year !

#62 | 21/03/2009, 12:00 pm, GMT | Daz

Hello, your pictures have given me some encouragement for this year! Last year my new allotment was a shambles cause I hurt my back, but now I'm determined to do better. Please keep updating your blog!

#61 | 09/03/2009, 12:40 pm, GMT | Steve | Location Nottingham

Great Site, I am a regular visitor. How you got those tomatoes to germinate in 2 days, god only knows, Mine are still not showng after 5 days. Keep up the great work. regards. Steve

#60 | 04/03/2009, 7:31 pm, GMT | paul | Location basildon,essex

well mate i just came accross your site researching giant onions,what can i say just brilliant,i,ve just joined my local h.society,and have done a couple of websites for them,wish i could do ours as good as yours,http://essexinfo.net/wickford-horticultural-... anyway you have an avid fan,yours truly paul.

#59 | 03/03/2009, 4:01 am, GMT | Alan | Location Bristol

Excellent site. Informative, beautifully photographed and witty...just love it.

#58 | 01/03/2009, 11:08 pm, GMT | Barbara | Location Northants

I have just read your entire diary! I loved it. I was just searching the web for allotment diaries to see what to plant in Feb. Everything you grow looks fab. I love the boards around your plot but why are there no weeds coming through - it's so unfair! And why wasn't your rocket peppered with holes by flea beetles like mine was? You must put so much time into it all. Well done to you on both your sites (allotment and web!)

#57 | 26/02/2009, 1:11 pm, GMT | Vikki | Location Somerset

Wow! Your allotment is INCREDIBLE! Everything is such smart neat rows and no weeds. This must take so much of your time. Thanks for such an informative website. Love the pictures. Keep up the good work and good luck with the onion competition this year!

#56 | 21/02/2009, 5:23 am, GMT | Allan | Location Australia

Great site, have learned a lot from it, just have to match it to our seasons down under.

#55 | 16/02/2009, 6:10 am, GMT | Eddie Storey | Location Doncaster, South Yorkshire

I found your web site while searching for tips on growing onions, what a find, thank you for making it available.

#54 | 30/01/2009, 6:43 pm, GMT | penny | Location staffordshire

magical what a fab location. I have three plots myself and looking at your past year has been a wonderful winter pastime thanks

#53 | 24/01/2009, 4:26 pm, GMT | Tracy | Location Oswestry

Popped in for a look from the link in John's site. Excellent. Love the quality of the photo's. Not a weed in sight - wow. You've raised the bar. As soon as the rain stops I'm going to be out weeding.

#52 | 22/01/2009, 11:28 pm, GMT | Parsnip | Location veg and lottie forum

someone posted that they had been reading your diary and how good it was, so I popped in for a look. This is fantastic Dan, the pictures are fab..I'll be keeping an eye on you giant onion quest too.

#51 | 15/01/2009, 10:31 am, GMT | Barbara | Location Castle Donington

I am so impressed. your site is just the inspiration I need to get down the allotment. I will come back to this site again and again, I am sure.

#50 | 15/01/2009, 10:12 am, GMT | Mandy | Location East Leake

Love the site and it's so informative for a newbie like me. I have a lot of friends that have allotments but will definitely be back to visit your site on a regular basis! Keep up the good work!

#49 | 26/12/2008, 5:21 pm, GMT | fred | Location newcastle

good site iam growing sum onions for next year i have 2 lots first lot are about 18 inc tall 2 lot are about 6 inc tall and have set away 36 mammoth and 36 kealsa bought 2 lot were he said thay were 29 inc round

#48 | 19/12/2008, 4:23 pm, GMT | RICHARD MCAVOY | Location MANCHESTER


#47 | 09/12/2008, 5:19 pm, GMT | Kevin Newton | Location Scottish Borders

Awesome site - keep up the good work, indoors and out. Just developing a new raised kitchen garden myself, I'll be back for advice. Here's hoping for a better summer in 09.

#46 | 28/11/2008, 8:39 pm, GMT | neville prior | Location barnsley /southyorks

great webbsite looking forward to see how you go on through the year .look forward to tips on how feed my onions (not for showing) just for the table.any way keep up the good work very impressed!!

#45 | 28/11/2008, 12:46 pm, GMT | Aaron | Location Nottingham

Great web site and great looking garden.

#44 | 23/11/2008, 8:10 pm, GMT | Vicky | Location across the pond in arkansas

saw your posting in rec.gardens.edible. Totally enjoyed looking around at your garden, it is quite impressive. Gave me some ideas for mine next year. Thanks for all the photos and narrative to go with them. Good luck on your giant onions for next year.

#43 | 13/11/2008, 8:40 pm, GMT | Greenmal | Location West midlands

Hello, nice to see another informative site hav'nt read it all yet but i am looking forward to all i can learn all the best for the future Mal

#42 | 30/10/2008, 1:50 pm, GMT | kev | Location driffield

impressive and interesting wont to read and see moor by kev.

#41 | 22/10/2008, 5:27 pm, GMT | coreopsis | Location the Highlands

Cracking garden and veggies.I never thought about not watering the carrots though.I'll copy some of your ideas next year.Keep up your good (and hard)work and the best wishes of heavy crops

#40 | 14/10/2008, 8:50 pm, GMT | Frances | Location Portsmouth

What lovely photos - but where are your weeds? You make me feel so inadequate! Your veg looks perfect - well done.

#39 | 13/10/2008, 7:57 pm, GMT | nick ellis | Location

Hi have a look at my website for some onion growing tips,good luck for next year, I grew a 7lb 10oz onions on my second attemp the grow lights and warm wet siol make all the difference and remember dont feed em once theyre growing, and also polysect is good for thrips but you got to spray once a week from May onwards. regards Nick

#38 | 12/10/2008, 3:32 pm, GMT | jules | Location East Ham, London

Hi there, you are an inspiration. My first year ever growing veg in 6 grow bags, we had a selection of herbs, lettuce, onions - not a patch on yours thou -,cucs, lots of toms, peppers, peas - miserable, carrots - small and potatoes. I have just ordered some raised beds a) to keep pests off, b) to keep the chickens & cats off, c) because our soil is all rocks! Everythings looking a bit bare now, would like to grow something else but not sure what will grow in cool, wet weather. Have a basic small poly tunnel, could I do some spuds, broccoli, carrots, spinach, or just start again next year? I've really enjoyed growing my own produce, might have to look into getting an allotment. Keep up the good work. Many thanks Jules

#37 | 07/10/2008, 4:01 pm, GMT | phil | Location derbyshire

loved the documentation i too had a bad year, got some contaminated manure and it killed most of my onions, it was too late to replant, i still got second at show with a 3 pounder my bed is already done for next year keep up the good work

#36 | 07/10/2008, 1:53 pm, GMT | Tom | Location Ireland

Massive site. Fantastic tips throughout. Really like the way you've planned your polytunnel and the support structure for your peas. Very impressive indeed. A few weeds about the place wouldnt be such a bad thing though!!

#35 | 05/10/2008, 8:28 pm, GMT | Stephen | Location Sleaford

I am impressed by your onions.It has given me some ideas.I think I might try.

#34 | 03/10/2008, 9:29 pm, GMT | Phil | Location Newark on Trent

Hi Great web set full of good information with great pictures. I will be attempted to grow some big onions from seed for the first time next year with some seed I managed to get from champion grower Peter Glazebrook so fingers crossed for a good year. Best of luck for next year.

#33 | 01/10/2008, 6:54 pm, GMT | Sue Henshall | Location Winsford, Cheshire

Hi there, love your website. I am just getting interested in growing veg for show so will be reading next years diary with interest.

#32 | 28/09/2008, 5:46 pm, GMT | Lucy | Location Devon

Hello! Love reading your wonderful news. I have half an allotment which is doing OK. Its great to get some inspiration from you. I just hope you can catch "green fingers" via the web!!

#31 | 23/09/2008, 11:16 am, GMT | Wyldeflower | Location South Staffs

Well done Dan i just dropped by to see how you did and you did a great job especially with the weather we have had .. http://www.freewebs.com/wyldeflower/

#30 | 22/09/2008, 4:05 pm, GMT | Mike | Location Guisborough

Many thanks. After visiting Harrogate Autumn Show recently, I am going to have a go at giant onions. Your diary is an excellent guide.

#29 | 14/09/2008, 6:57 am, GMT | Robert Foster | Location Waitakaruru, New Zealand

Hi, found your site whilst searching for help with onions. It's spring here in New Zealand and just starting to warm up, got to get out and sort the veg plot, doubt it will ever be as tidy as yours, the weeds here don't stop for the winter. Well done with the prize onions though. Keep this website going, it's an inspiration to me, and I am sure others too.

#28 | 02/09/2008, 4:27 pm, GMT | polly tunnel | Location Suffolk

I think this is the most useful site I have come across, your plot is intimidatingly tidy and weed free but an inspiration. I too have a veg garden and polytunnel but I haven't quite got my timings right as I have periods where I don't seem to have much growing. I also need to master the little by little approach to lettuce growing! Do you grow strawberries outside as well as in your tunnel? Please don't stop, it is all most helpful.

#27 | 24/08/2008, 11:22 pm, GMT | Ray | Location Morecambe

heard a lot about your garden from your old feller. You hve a great website and a very very tidy and productive garden well done

#26 | 14/08/2008, 8:46 pm, GMT | DAG (Mother Earth Forum) | Location Essex, UK

Great website indeed! Also one of the best kept veg gardens I am sure! OK so the weather has been bad this year but I am sure nobody could do any better and regardless of what nature has thrown at you, it still looks excellent and you know that you have given your all! Well done!

#25 | 05/08/2008, 7:26 pm, GMT | Keith Richardson | Location Chester-le-Street,County Durham

One of the best gardening sites I have come across.

#24 | 22/07/2008, 11:38 am, GMT | Paula | Location

Wow - you must spend all your time growing veg! It's a very helpful web site. I came across your site whilst trying to find out why the onions I bought in ASDA yesterday have come from New Zealand. I'm puzzled as I just put them in the basket thinking they were English produce.

#23 | 30/06/2008, 2:52 pm, GMT | fcutler@sky.com | Location west midlands

Great site very informative i think t interest to all your site would be of great help to new gardeners practical advice in visual form not always easily given to novices who often fail to understand the practicalities of veg growing

#22 | 28/06/2008, 11:10 pm, GMT | Deanne | Location Northants

Found your site through the allotment forum, i have to say its very informative and saved it to my favs. Its my first year of allotmenting!! but loving it so far. Deanne x

#21 | 23/06/2008, 10:34 pm, GMT | Simon | Location Derby

Great looking plot, I like the way you do your pea support, might give that a try.

#20 | 20/06/2008, 9:10 pm, GMT | els | Location wiltshire, UK

wow! Im struggling to kepe up with my tiny veg patch at then end of my garden! how do u find the time to not only have so much in your allotment but keep it looking so tidy and fantastic too! good job! am rather jealous ;o)

#19 | 19/06/2008, 9:12 pm, GMT | ann | Location barnsley yorkshire

good website just getting an allotment hope i can do as well

#18 | 19/06/2008, 7:59 pm, GMT | David Maund | Location Bideford Devon

What a great site, paticuarly interested in your onions, looks like your heading for the record books, hoping for great things myself this year, wish i had kept photagraphic record now,

#17 | 29/05/2008, 7:58 pm, GMT | Liam | Location England/Oxfordshire

Great site, all looking. I must say you keep everything very tidy, unlike me. Keep up the good work.

#16 | 24/05/2008, 7:16 pm, GMT | Claire | Location Derbyshire

Hi dan. Just wanted to say GREAT website - am a brand new gardener so your diary has given me a lot of inspiration. Good luck with your onions!!!

#15 | 28/04/2008, 9:03 pm, GMT | vince-o | Location burton latimer Northants

great site with loads af good quality pictures and well written

#14 | 27/03/2008, 4:21 pm, GMT | Marionj | Location Leicestershire

I've realy enjoyed browsing this website, found it very interesting All neat and tidy and informative. I know i'll be visiting again as a guide for growing my own vegs.Love the onions, hope i can achieve as good results.

#13 | 24/03/2008, 9:35 am, GMT | carol | Location berwick upon tweed

cool website very informative pictures will help me lots goodl luck with onions

#12 | 17/03/2008, 7:34 pm, GMT | Sunshine | Location Cold& windy hills of Yorkshire

Excellent website. Can't wait to follow your results. Makes my veggie container pots look a little insignificant - but it's a start - from small acorns.......

#11 | 16/03/2008, 8:01 pm, GMT | Mark Jennings | Location Diss

Good website. Keep going for it. Good luck with onions.

#10 | 14/03/2008, 7:34 am, GMT | MIKE | Location MILTON COMMON OXFORDSHIRE


#9 | 09/03/2008, 7:52 am, GMT | David Guy | Location Sunny Sussex

Great Site some really usefull tips. I look forward to following this through the year. Dave

#8 | 06/03/2008, 8:35 pm, GMT | DAG | Location Essex

Great website Dan, and your allotment is a credit to you and a great example to us all. Will look forward to your progress throughout the year!

#7 | 06/03/2008, 11:05 am, GMT | RAYMOND STARR | Location harrogate

hi just found your web site it looks really well good luck with your onions

#6 | 25/02/2008, 8:51 am, GMT | Mrs Brenda Roff | Location Bedfordshire

Just found your site, I think I am going to enjoy watching your progress through the year.

#5 | 20/02/2008, 2:58 pm, GMT | Kedi-Gato | Location Germany

A very good site and one that will inspire a lot of us to try out new things. I plan on having another go at beans this year, I have bought a different sort to last year, one with no strings attached! All those first prizes last year were very impressive, fingers crossed that you win them again - and more!

#4 | 20/02/2008, 2:23 pm, GMT | Scotkat | Location Scotland

Well done good web page and neat allotment. Looking forward to following your Diary. Your veg could make a tasty pot of soup

#3 | 17/02/2008, 12:17 pm, GMT | ken cook | Location scarborough

brilliant, you have cerainly given me some inspiration for laying out my poly tunnel, an excellent diary, one which everyone should view. Keep up the good work. ps how do you keep the wife happy while your doing all that ??

#2 | 13/02/2008, 1:47 pm, GMT | wyldeflower | Location uk

Brilliant site all your veg look really healthy and you are a very tidy gardener glad you couldnt see my onions ..





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